We love working alongside passionate gym lovers! This can be a gain not only for us but for you as well:)

Our requirements for collaborations: 

  • At least 2,000 followers on Instagram
  • Located in the United States

If you're on TikTok then you would be required to post 5 videos of at least 15 seconds and send them to our account manager so we can post it on our Instagram. If you choose to do this, we'd love to see you post on your Instagram story as well and tag us. This isn't required but we would love to feature your account on our page!

  • (Instagram) Post in our brand at least five different times (This can be static posts, reels, etc.) and tag our Instagram account. You're required to post at least once weekly for the duration of five posts (If you prefer to post more frequently, then that's acceptable too!) 
  • Send us any videos or pictures you post to our Instagram account @gymgainzco

What you'll receive: 

  • $80 store credit
  • Social media exposure
  • & to be considered for a long-term opportunity as a Gym Gainz Athlete
Please reach out to gymgainzcollab@gmail.com to apply as a Gym Gainz athlete:)